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Capture ~7-16% More Billing

With automated detection of billable encounters and charge review

“I have used other charge and billing apps and in comparison Charge Capture is easy to use, and takes less time to learn the application. This app reduced cumbersome paper processes and ease of reporting data is a definite plus!"

With our Charge Capture solution, you can:

Optimize Revenue
With our intelligent coding entry assistance, you can identify billable and missed charges.

Increase Billing Speed
Decrease lag time by accessing real-time information about your patients.

Boost Provider Satisfaction
Easily facilitate communication between providers and the RCM team.

What's unique about us?

Charge Capture powered by MDTech is an Updox solution. We offer trusted, HIPAA-compliant solutions to help you deliver the best virtual and in-person care so you can focus on what matters most — your patients. Updox’s broad set of capabilities include virtual health, patient engagement, paperless office efficiency, and revenue optimization. Our Charge Capture solution uses automated data feeds and advanced logic to identify opportunities and display them on an easy-to-use dashboard for your practice to manage and act on.

Advance Cash Flow By 9 Days

With our missing charge audit, you can measure and manage time between the patient encounter to billing

Increase Provider Satisfaction

We bridge coding and billing teams to providers and vice versa for seamless communication

Stop Losing Money

Practices lose millions of potential net revenue due to charge captures issues. Read how we've got the fix. 

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Take Control of Your Practice's Revenue

Charge Capture powder by MDTech can help your practice to stop losing money, speed up your billing cycle, and increase productivity. 

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